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Update, Protoconnect has Moved!

Bamboo Coworking Offices. Mural by Taylor White, (Photographer unknown)

After giving the co-working space at Cahoots a try I decided to settle on Bamboo instead. The Bamboo space just opened this April, when I was making my co-working decisions in March, the space was still being renovated. I’m sorry to leave Cahoots, it is a great co-working space with a lot of great people. There were two issues that made it not a good fit for me, first nearby parking was limited, and secondly the receptionist had other duties and was not always at the reception desk. Since I mainly needed the arrangement to handle shipments and parts pickup and drop-offs for my clients, having the receptionist elsewhere at any given time during their open hours resulted in problems for that process. So I decided to go with Bamboo at 200 S. 1st St. Their hours are 9am-5pm Monday through Friday. The receptionist has a desk facing the 1st street entrance and is available for work drop-off or pickup during those hours. I currently still have an overlapping arrangement with Cahoots, as a backup, I’ll re-evaluate in the fall if that is still really necessary.

Protoconnect is Moving!

Starting in April, I’m moving from my current office space. I’ll keep doing the tech work, like wirebonding and semiconductor packaging, at my home office, for everything else, like shipping/receiving, parts pickup and dropoffs as well as client meetings, I’ve decided to rent a coworking office.

I looked at a couple of different places before deciding. I ended up choosing Cahoots, located at 206 E. Huron St., I’m hoping this will work for me as well as my clients. There is a front desk that can handle pickups and dropoffs from 8am to 4pm, Monday to Saturday, and even on Sunday from 9am to 3pm.

Huron Street is pretty busy, and it’s tough to find a spot to park on the street nearby. Fortunately, there’s a big parking garage just a short walk away on Washington St. by Fourth Ave. I’ve already signed up for Cahoots and will start using the space in April.

Photo: Steve Jensen

Protoconnect is Moving Up!

Protoconnect is moving our offices this April.  The new location is just a few block away at the corner of Fifth Avenue and Catherine St.

The address is 220 N. 5th Ave,

Plan to have the transition complete by the end of April,   but have moved the work equipment last week.

New Ball Bonder

Exciting news!

After a careful search, we finally found a K&S 4522 ball bonder in good condition.  It arrived here and we have done preliminary setup and we are now ready to announce:

Our Services now include Ball Wirebonding!

  • Ball to wedge
  • Ball bumping
  • Coining
  • Close proximity, less keepout space required.